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Travel Macedonia - Info, Hotels, Map, News, Tourism, Skopje, Ohrid, Bitola,Ancient History

Travel to Macedonia - Tourism Guide. The Republic of Macedonia (Makedonija) is a place that everyone must visit in its life. Lot of mountains, lakes, rivers, fresh air, plenty of sun, untouched nature... It's a real pearl of planet Earth. Explore this Macedonian blog and travel thru the world of Macedonia, that biblical land.


Brief Facts About Macedonia

Shar Mountain, Macedonia Landlocked in the heart of the Balkans, Macedonia is one of Europe's youngest, smallest countries, but is simultaneously one of its oldest nations. History goes back a long way here, witness the many ancient and early medieval monuments.
A country of wild mountains, fertile plains and huge lakes, Macedonia is an emerging destination for leisure and business travellers alike.

Now, some brief facts about Macedonia...

Official Name: Republic of Macedonia

Land Area: 25,714 sq km (land & water surface; 9,929 sq miles)

Population: 2,063,122

Capital City: Skopje (467,257)

Latitude/Longitude: 41° 50'N, 22° 00'E

Anthem: "Today above Macedonia"

Government: Parliamentary Democracy (Parliamentary republic)

Independence: September 8th, 1991 (from SFR Yugoslavia)

Borders: total (766 km)

Neighboring Countries: Albania (151 km, to the West), Bulgaria (148 km, to the East), Greece (246 km, to the South) and Serbia (221 km, to the North).

Demographics: Macedonians 65%, Albanians 25%, Turks 3,9%, Roma 2,7% and Serbs 1,8%.

Languages Spoken: Macedonian 70%, Albanian 20%, Turkish, Serbo-Croat, Roma, Vlach.

Religion: Christianity (Macedonian Orthodox) 70%, Muslim 25%, Catholic and other 5%.

Currency: Macedonian Denar (since April 26, 1992)

United Nations Organization: since April 8th, 1993

Internet TLD: .mk

Country Phone Code: +389

Location: The Republic of Macedonia is located in South-East Europe, in the central part of the Balkan Peninsula.

Landforms: Macedonia is an elevated plateau of large, rolling hills and deep valleys, completely disected and surrounded by mountains. The Dinaric Alps extend down into Macedonia, and the highest point is in the Korab Mountain range, at 9,066 ft. (2,764m).
Major lakes include Ohrid, Prespa (both shared with Albania) and Doiran. Lake Ohrid is the deepest lake in the Balkans (935 ft.)
The Vardar River divides the country; other rivers of note include the Bregalnica and Cma.

Land Divisions: 34 counties and 85 municipalities.

Climate: Summers are warm (occasionally hot), with some rain; winters are cold with heavy snowfall.

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Blogger kostas Says:

I have been there many times,very beautiful country,very nice people.
Ochrid is a magical place.

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

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Blogger MsCarla Says:

Beautful country maybe one day I will get to see it for my self


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